INE will request 1,738 million pesos from the Treasury to carry out the mandate revocation consultation

The National Electoral Institute (OTHER) has already made the readjustments to its budget for this year as ordered by the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) to carry out the revocation of the presidential mandate, and plans to request the remaining 1,738 million pesos from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

The General Council of the INE plans to discuss and eventually approve this Wednesday an agreement to instruct its Executive Secretariat to negotiate with the SHCP additional resources for mandate revocation query for an amount of 1,738.94 million pesos, and for said dependency to respond promptly in a well-founded and motivated manner, no later than January 31, 2022.

It should be noted that initially the INE argued that it only had 1,503 million of the 3,830 million pesos that it requires for the organization and holding of the mandate revocation consultation due to loss of confidence in the head of the federal Executive. For this reason, by a majority of six directors, the OTHER postponed activities of said consultation, until last December 29, the magistrates of the TEPJF They ordered the institute to carry out the necessary budget readjustments, continue with the activities of the referendum to revoke the mandate, and request the Treasury for the missing resources.

For that reason, the OTHER made an adjustment of 524 million pesos to the cost of the mandate revocation process, although this implies that it will not be with the same characteristics and suitability conditions as if it were an electoral process as mandated by law on the matter. However, the national electoral body clarified that this does not put the consultation at risk.

“In sum, derived from the institutional effort of the OTHER, we have that, from the budget allocated by the Chamber of Deputies in the 2022 Expenditure Budget, the INE designated 1,503 million pesos approved through budget adjustments for the mandate revocation process; adds 64.46 million of subsequent budget availability and the adjustment in the activities of the revocation of mandate for 524 million pesos; this Institute, has managed by itself to reach approximately 2,091.46 million pesos, both in budgetary sufficiency and in cost elimination, of the 3,830.40 million that were requested in the draft budget”, detailed the agreement that will be submitted for approval this Wednesday in the General Council.

“Even with the internal budget adjustments that this Institute has carried out, there is still a budget insufficiency to organize the process in the terms indicated by the Constitution and the Federal Law for the Revocation of Mandate, therefore, in compliance with the INE/ CG1798/2021, taking into account the responsibility that derives from the other State entities that participate in the co-responsibility of the organization, it is essential to promptly request the amount of 1,738.94 million pesos from the SHCP, in order to provide this Institute of the missing resources that are required to make effective the political right of citizen participation in the RM process, under the conditions ordered by the LFRM”, he mentioned.

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