INE will continue with the revocation of mandate after resolution of the Supreme Court

The National Electoral Institute (OTHER) said that it will abide by the first ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) on the revocation of the presidential mandate, so it will adjust its procedures to the 1,503 million it has to carry out this exercise of citizen consultation next year.

The president of the OTHER, Lorenzo Córdova, said that the electoral body will abide by the resolution of the Court, and will remain attentive to the fact that this judicial instance resolves the constitutional controversy that it presented for not having the 3,830 million pesos that it requires in total to organize and celebrate the mandate revocation query.

Cordova He stressed that this first ruling of the Court is provisional and does not resolve the merits of the matter.

On Wednesday, the Recess Commission of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation headed by the ministers Margarita Ríos and Jasmín Esquivel Mossa, admitted to processing the constitutional controversy promoted by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, against the agreement of the National Electoral Institute that determined to postpone the completion of the Mandate Revocation process , and ordered the INE to reinstate said procedure.

In this regard, the OTHER He said this Thursday that he received the notification adopted by the Recess Commission of the Court, which ordered him to continue with the process of revocation of the mandate with the existing budget.

He indicated that the determination of the merits will be essential to meet the express mandate of the Mandate Revocation Law, which, in Article 40, states that the Mandate Revocation Day must be subject to the procedure provided for the holding of federal elections.

He recalled that article 41 of said law makes it mandatory for the INE to enable the same number of polls that were installed for the previous electoral process, that is, more than 161,000.

He warned that these mandates of law represent an investment of 3,830 million pesos, which were programmed in the Budget Project delivered by the OTHER, but the Chamber of Deputies made a cut of 4.913 million pesos, which left the Institute without the necessary resources to carry out the exercise of citizen participation.

He recalled that the INE made adjustments, and only has 1,503 million pesos to organize the revocation of the mandate, a situation that the Court must analyze on the merits of the controversy.

“In that sense, to comply with the incidental resolution of the Commission of Recess of the SCJN, the Executive Secretariat coordinates the Executive Directorates and Technical Units, to analyze scenarios and modifications to all the procedures and activities that the democratic exercise implies to adjust to this limited budget, ”said the national electoral body.

He affirmed that at no time did he stop the process of verification and validation of signatures that are necessary to fulfill the constitutional requirement of 3% support for the Nominal List. In that sense, he said that he has received more than 1,400 boxes, which will be added to 1 million 44,630 signatures that have already passed through the controls and reviews necessary to pay for compliance with the requirement.

“Once this stage is concluded, the Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters will deliver the results of the review and validation of each of the citizens’ support so that the Executive Secretary presents to the General Council the final report on compliance with the constitutional requirement to no later than February 4, 2022 ”, he argued.


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