INE will advance the location of boxes for the revocation of mandate

The President Councilor of National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Cordova Vianelloannounced that the System Locate your Box for the Revocation of Mandate will begin its operation on Saturday, March 26 and not on Monday, March 28, as originally planned.

15 days in advance, any citizen who wishes to exercise their vote will have the opportunity to locate their voting booth or to know the location of the special voting booths where people in transit can exercise their right. who wants to vote next april 10 It will have all the conditions to be able to do it,” he emphasized.

While presiding over the Executive General Board, Lorenzo Córdova added that advancing the operation of the system has been possible thanks to the effort and coordination of the areas involved: the Executive Directorate of the Federal Registry of Electors and the Executive Directorate of Electoral Organization.

It should be noted that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pointed out to the INE that it does not timely publicize the location of the voting booths.

False that the INE hides the boxes

Lorenzo Córdova said that one of the fundamental tasks of the INE is to combat misinformation, which is why he maintained that the INE does not hide the location of the polling stations.

“The best proof of this is that, thanks to this institutional effort, what was originally planned for March 28 is anticipated by two days,” he said.

He referred that in this logic of informing to combat disinformation and falsehoods, this system was planned to operate 13 days in advance of the Mandate Revocation Dayand now it will be operating 15 days in advance and not just 6 days, as it was in the 2021 election.

“This shows that the INE It is an institution that maximizes information and allows citizens to find out where the voting centers are going to be installed sufficiently in advance,” he concluded.

Information will be available on the following portal.

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