INE approves design of the ballot for the mandate revocation consultation

The Temporary Committee for the Monitoring of Local Electoral Processes 2021-2022 of the National Electoral Institute (INE), unanimously approved the design and printing of the ballot, documentation, materials, as well as the indelible liquid that will be used to impregnate the right thumb of the participants during the eventual consultation on the revocation of mandate.

To guarantee the principle of legal and national security regarding the printing of the ballots, as well as the paper documentation, Talleres Gráficas de México was appointed to print the documents by virtue of the fact that currently said entity offers the best conditions for the Institute in terms of quality, opportunity, technical / human infrastructure and experience from previous electoral processes, according to the INE.

Regarding the indelible liquid, the document indicates that for its production, the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute (ENCB-IPN) requires that it be requested at least two months in advance, so that the product can be delivered in a timely manner.

The ballot will not include the data of the municipality or mayor’s office on the front of the document, but it will be placed on the back during the sealing of the ballots in the districts (as part of the counting, sealing and grouping procedure), because the Differentiated printing of around 2,571 municipalities in the country, implies more printing time and more resources.

The approved materials are necessary for the proper development of the revocation of mandate and they will allow citizens to express their opinion in conditions of secrecy, equality and freedom.

The elements that will be put to the consideration of the General Council are: ballot; models of the minutes of the day, of voting and counting of polling stations, of voters in transit for special polling places, of counting and counting of the polling station board of directors; district tally record; incident sheet; Braille template and posters of results and location and identification of the Revocation of Mandate box.

In an extraordinary session, the members of the Commission also endorsed the following documentation:

  • Package box and identification tag
  • Ballot Box Liner and Braille Label
  • Ballot marker
  • Credential marker
  • Credential marker dice
  • Seatbelt
  • Special screen
  • indelible liquid, among others

Likewise, it unanimously approved the “Information System Operation Program on the development of the Revocation of Mandate (SIRM)” 2022, which will operate on the voting day of Revocation of the Mandate of the President of the Republic elected for the constitutional period 2018-2024.

The agreement approved by the Commission will be presented at the next session of the INE General Council for eventual approval.

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