‘Indigenous knowledge keeper’ Suzy Kies steps down as co-chair of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of Liberal Party of Canada. The one who helped the Providence Catholic School Board to destroy 5,000 books deemed harmful to the First Nations still wants to “continue [son] work to advance reconciliation ”.

In an email sent to To have to, Suzy Kies confirms her withdrawal from the Commission to Represent the Interests of Indigenous Members of the Liberal Party of Canada. “However, I refuse to have my story used to harm Justin trudeau and our party, ”she says. “This is the reason why I am resigning from my post […]. »

According to what Radio-Canada reported on Tuesday, the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence, in southwestern Ontario, would have burnt off about thirty titles deemed inappropriate during a “flame purification ceremony” . Suzy Kies, would have even appeared in a video explaining the project supposed to be part of a process of reconciliation with the indigenous peoples. Thousands of other books have also been withdrawn from the libraries of this school board, including Tintin in America and Asterix and the Indians.

Several First Nations representatives questioned Ms. Kies’ membership of an indigenous nation. The Liberal Party called Suzy Kies an “urban native of Abenaki and Montagnais descent”. The main interested party defends herself by arguing that “in the early 1990s, my family carried out genealogical research which confirmed that we were of Abenaki descent. It confirmed what my grandmother had always told us. “

“Despite the hurtful questioning of my ancestry, my identity and my culture, I will continue my work to advance reconciliation and honor my family history,” she adds.

No federal leader has approved the burning of books.

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  1. Freedom says:

    A leftist thinker. He repeats Hitler’s steps. We burn uncomfortable books. Good books are those that WE consider good. Orwell bis.

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