Independent unions demand greater leadership from the STPS to comply with the labor reform

Independent trade union organizations ask for a leadership role from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) regarding the implementation and inspection of the processes of legitimation of collective contracts given that the labour reform, have not succeeded in eliminating the old practices of unionism promoted by the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), and that in the case of the General Motors (GM) collective bargaining agreement, all kinds of irregularities are committed.

This was expressed by Jerry Dias, union leader of the Uniform, a labor union with the largest representation in Canada, who has accompanied the workers of the Silao plant, Guanajuato; in the voting process for the legitimation of the employment contract and its dissolution since November 3, and which currently intend to demand the ownership of the contract through the National Union of Workers of the Automotive Industry (SINTTIA).

Noting that there are four union organizations interested in the demand for the contract, Dias said that three of them are from the CTM, “With what they intend to distract” the worker who already rejected, in a vote, the “Miguel Trujillo” Union of the CTM as his representative.

“The only reason that workers in Canada and the United States earn $ 60 and Mexicans earn $ 2 an hour, is because the CTM teamed up with corrupt unions and companies to make sure they keep wages low so we can’t to expect that now the CTM, after being part of the system that allowed exploitation, now becomes the group that will guide them to the promised land, it is really ridiculous to think that they can be the solution, when historically and for decades They have been the problem, ”he said.

Either independent unionism participates, or there will be international fury

The Canadian union leader criticized the Mexican labor authorities, which although they are doing everything to carry out the implementation of the reform, the union model is deeply rooted and therefore it is important that the practices of pressure towards workers are detected from now on .

He insisted that the Mexican government must show its commitment and must have leadership to implement the rules; “The workers surely want an independent union (representing them) if this is not respected, otherwise they will have to face the collective international fury of the workers.”

He argued that it is not only the General Motors collective agreement, but that of several companies such as Ford O Mercedes Benz, “But these companies have exploited Mexican workers for decades, because they allowed them too and with this I would say that we have the first test, and since everyone is watching us, I would expect everyone to behave in a coherent way.”

Héctor de la Cueva, coordinator of Center for Labor Research and Trade Union Advisory (CILAS), commented that the company made the decision to call three unions and SINTTIA, but “what was required, for a long time from the company, a meeting to act as an independent union in the plant so that facilities ”.


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