Indefensible | The indefensible implausibility

For several weeks, even months, Indefensible stretches all the strings of verisimilitude, including those wrapped limply around the wrists of the two eldest victims of a “home invasion”.

See that the two octogenarian hostages, played by Sylvie Potvin and Gaston Caron, were not able to undo these little knots, which were held by fear to the basement radiator. Frankly.

See that a single hanging cord prevented the two victims from escaping in the middle of the night, while their tormentor was snoozing in another room. Anything.

And how can we believe in the distress of these two elderly people when such details, crucial to the credibility of the story, have been neglected and botched? Really, it was peak-peak. As if these bondage scenes had been shot by people who were too rushed by their production schedule.


The home invasion scene, in Indefensible

Well, do two or three turns of the rope, no one will notice! Error. We all saw it.

The replies of poor Gérald (Gaston Caron) also rang very false when the kidnapper, armed with a small Swiss army knife, ordered him to get on his knees. ” I can not ! My arthritis! », replied Gérald, before taking a violent direct kick to the kneecap.

The good Gérald sees his wife Yvette (Sylvie Potvin) taken hostage by a maniac with a penknife – and sunglasses – and he thinks, first, of her osteoarthritis? Let’s see.

The long captivity of the criminal lawyer Inès Saïd (Nour Belkhiria) brought up the same feeling of discouragement and disbelief. See that at the first opportunity, the combative Inès did not put her fist in the face of her kidnapper, the psychopath and influencer Mylène Kirouac (Rebecca Vachon), who weighed 100 pounds wet.

And the opportunities for Inès to knock out her former client, who locked her in a stylish cellar RAMs, multiplied without her grasping them, making this plot even more improbable. It was like a remake of the multiple hostage situation in 5e Rankjust as clownish.

I would like to love Indefensible. Every evening, I invoke the triple goddess so that TVA’s daily life becomes as fun, stressful and intelligent as STAT on Radio-Canada. So it would make my job easier if the two popular series played in the same television league.

Except that’s not the case. Indefensible often cuts corners, causing stalls and breaks in tone. Let’s take the example of the new lawyer Kim Nolin (Julie Trépanier), a super interesting, stupid and nasty character. Last Thursday, Kim-la-pas-fine changed Inès like a pancake. Get out, my dear, you annoy me!

The following Monday, magically, Kim and Inès practically woven friendship bracelets to attend a Taylor Swift concert. Best friends forever !

We agree that STAT also tests the limits of the impossible with its spectacular medical cases of ricin poisoning, calcified fetus or cricothyroidotomy in an elevator. But we believe in it, because it is well written and well acted.

In STAT, the personal and professional lives of the employees of Saint-Vincent hospital, eventful and captivating, intertwine with astonishing fluidity. We go from the spy father of Jacob Faubert (Lou-Pascal Tremblay) to the patient on propofol (David La Haye) to return to the killed-suicide husband of Emmanuelle St-Cyr (Suzanne Clément) without a break.

At the house of Indefensible, the intimate aspect of the main characters lacks depth and interest. In court or with his clients, Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme) inherits fascinating causes. Everything that concerns his wife Sara (Catherine Renaud) or his father Ti-Bill (Jean Maheux) smells like filler.

Same thing for the friendly lawyer André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière). We love him when he gets angry at the courthouse, but we doze off when he constantly talks about his trip to Boston with Judge Clara Fortin (Josée Deschênes).

Excluding her flirtation with court reporter Joachim Dufour (Mikhail Ahooja), Inès experiences nothing exciting, unless she falls into the clutches of a deranged fan of an ersatz Roxane Bruneau.

As for Marie-Anne Desjardins (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), she abruptly left Montreal, along with her partner Maxime (Mathieu Baron), to treat her depression in Costa Rica. The actress Anne-Élisabeth Bossé had to be absent fromIndefensible due to a scheduling conflict with the filming of the film Our sisters-in-law by René Richard Cyr. Exactly like Geneviève Schmidt from STATwhose character Isabelle Granger was shipped to Saudi Arabia so the actress could collect Gold Star stamps.

Like 1.5 million faithful, or 200,000 less than STATI have seen all the episodes ofIndefensible since it was fired in September 2022. That’s 190 half-hours on the clock.

There were some very good intrigues, like that of the Machiavellian Dr Charbonneau (Christian Bégin) or the incursion behind the scenes of a jury during the trial of Max Dubois. There have been some very bizarre ones, like the time a young woman frozen with magic mushrooms slashed her “boyfriend” daughter in the face with a Japanese sword.

It fluctuates wildly from one evening to the next and I would betray my “hypocrite’s oath” by writing that it is always pleasant or satisfying.


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