Indecent union complaints

Nurses have worked hard during the pandemic. Temporary absences and departures caused a shortage of personnel which put terrible pressure on the staff in place when the needs were crying out.

Individually, we can never say thank you enough to our nurses. However, the fact that a profession valiantly plays its role does not authorize its union to do everything. And to insult the rest of society.

The guerrilla warfare in which the FIQ is currently engaged (with other unions) exceeds the limits of what is acceptable. The FIQ explained this week its complaint against the Quebec government before the Labor Court. The union denounces an “obstruction of union activities” as well as “negotiation in bad faith”.

Under our labor laws, these complaints are admissible. But you still have to go see what you’re complaining about. They denounce ministerial decree 071, the one which granted one billion (one thousand million) salary bonuses to the nurses themselves.

Huge Bounties

We complain because this billion was not discussed and negotiated to their liking. However, this billion is added to the wage increases already negotiated and included in the collective agreement. One billion in premiums paid by taxpayers to attract the staff needed to provide care.

The union argues that in the previous year, government negotiators referred to the limit on taxpayers’ ability to pay to say that such sums were not available. So we would have lied to them!

What bullshit! Obviously the government, in the crisis of the pandemic, has spent sums well beyond our ability to pay. Hence the billions in debt! Among the emergency expenses authorized to avoid the worst, there were these colossal sums for nurses. There is no scandal for any person of good faith.

At the UN

The FIQ also filed a complaint with the International Labor Organization, a branch of the UN responsible for preventing workplace abuse. Their cause: compulsory overtime. The union files a complaint under the articles… on forced labor!

It’s an insult to Quebecers! It is also an insult to the real victims of forced labor in authoritarian regimes. Of course, OSI is a plague and our governments must reorganize the work to end it. Working 16 consecutive hours is a problem for nurses and a risk for patients.

But the complaints to the UN apply to real victims of forced labor, in countries that are not very democratic, without labor laws and without a balance of power for workers.

As unpleasant as it is, overtime work with us is paid double time, in a unionized universe with good pension funds, possibilities for grievances, bonuses and surcharges, paid vacations. Most nurses now earn over $100,000 a year. Leave me the UN and the gulag!

These indecent complaints discredit their authors.

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