The Olympic high mass is upon us with its performances, each more “incredible” than the last. When will we see the emergence of sports journalists emulated by René Lecavalier or Jean Dion who will be able to describe the
exploits of athletes in more imaginative terms?

There is certainly no lack of colorful expressions that could be attributed to various disciplines. A “breathtaking” performance for the running events where we see the athletes collapsing to the ground at the finish? And what about the pole vault with its soaring flights that make us get up from our seat or the truly stunning jumps of the high jump? For my part, the swimming events leave me speechless and the weightlifting events seem stupendous, not to say unimaginable.

Does the almost exclusive use of the adjective “incredible” by journalists bring us back to the etymology “incredible” in the sense of not credible? If so, then it should be reserved for feats that we can doubt will be achieved without the aid of illicit substances.

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