Increasingly popular sports treasures

More and more sports collectors enthusiasts from all over Quebec have been on the lookout for the most precious objects and other treasures since the start of the pandemic.

The activity has grown in popularity, especially among the younger generations, who have discovered a new passion for “cleaning up”.

The value of certain sports collectibles has downright “exploded” during the pandemic, regular collectors gathered at Carrefour Charlesbourg in Quebec City said on Saturday.

For example, the value of a box of in-demand hockey cards has more than tripled during the pandemic, simply for the “luck” of getting a particular player’s card.

“With the pandemic, there was no more sport, nothing. People thought they were going to clean up,” explained career collector Patrick Brisson.

Often, amateurs come to consult experienced collectors in gatherings like the one on Saturday to “know the value of their objects”, indicated the organizer of the Collectors’ Tour, Yves Gaudet.


“The passion of collecting is looking for the piece you would like to have and going to events wishing to find it,” continued Mr. Gaudet.

This baseball enthusiast traveled from Sherbrooke to Quebec to exhibit his “vintage” baseball collection.

For more than 30 years, the latter has organized events that bring together a community of sports collectors.

“Collectors in Quebec are a brotherhood, a family,” he said.

On Saturday, around thirty exhibitors spread their goods over around sixty tables at the Carrefour Charlesbourg in Quebec City.

Nicknamed “Mr. Tall Boys”, Pierre Pichette has been hoarding the rare oversized hockey cards of the same name for 60 years, when he was six or seven years old.

For his part, Michel Roger, from Granby, exhibited the baseball and hockey objects he had “in duplicate” with a view to making exchanges and expanding his collection.

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