Incentives for nurses: “the expectations for tomorrow are immense”

Expectations are high for workers in the health network, while the Legault government is due to announce on Thursday the incentives it wants to put in place to keep, but above all, bring back nearly 4,000 nurses to hospitals.

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“The expectations for tomorrow are immense”, launched in an interview on the airwaves of LCN Nancy Bédard, president of the Interprofessional Federation of the health of Quebec, Wednesday.

“We’ve been waiting for this for a very, very long time. Unfortunately, we waited for the forest to burn down or for the boat to sink to the bottom of the water, ”laments the representative of 76,000 nurses, auxiliary nurses, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists in the province.

She believes that to be happy, health care professionals must first feel respected, even though they have been neglected for years.

“They want to work, but without being obliged to stay and not knowing when they are going out,” specifies the president of the FIQ, referring to the compulsory overtime, the TSO.

The organization is also asking for the obligation to respect the normal work week. The workers, including nurses, also want to have stable positions, grouped together in a single activity center, on a single shift, as well as a work schedule known in advance.

They also require respect for the scope of practice and their expertise, as well as the cessation of mobility and travel.

“They expect to know when they can have time off, and to have it too!” They also have obligations outside of work and this is extremely important to them, ”insists Ms. Bédard.

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