Inappropriate behavior: an OD candidate gets kicked out

A candidate who raised an outcry on social media on Sunday night over stories of violent behavior and harassment was kicked out of the adventure Double occupancy in the West.

The production made the announcement on social media on Monday. She specified that the behavior in the adventure of Alexandre, 31, earned her a meeting with the production, without specifying what are the events at the origin of his expulsion. His departure is not related to the denunciations published since Sunday on social networks.

“This meeting put an end to his journey,” added the production of the program broadcast on Noovo, specifying that details would be revealed during the next episodes.

Many people have told stories involving the former candidate under a Facebook post, which quickly reached thousands of comments.

Secret participation

As he was part of a twist, his participation remained secret until the red carpet. It was then that the testimonies burst forth. As three weeks separate the shootings from the broadcast, the candidate is already no longer part of the adventure.

In addition, a scene from the show raised eyebrows among many viewers. In the excerpt, you could hear him say this: “If I had had a punching bag ahead of me, I would tell you that, seriously, I would have had a little exchange in it ”, in reaction to the fact that none of the four girls had chosen him for a dated face to face.

The production ensures that all of its candidates undergo a psychological evaluation before their participation in the show, not to mention criminal background searches.

The producer with the contents ofOD in the West, Valérie Dalpé, said in an interview with The duty that all candidates must “sign a waiver in which they promise to have ‘no skeletons in the closet’”.

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