Iñaki Urdangarin pide “respect” tras the announcement of his separation from Cristina de Borbón

After 24 years of matrimony and 4 years in common, the child Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin and decided to take separate fireplaces after the balloonman’s executor haya sido ‘pillado’ in active activity with a work partner called Ainhoa ​​Armentia with which his relationship is stretched in the last months.

A ‘secret to the votes’ that the Palma executives confirm this Monday, sending a brief communiqué conjunto en el que anunciaban la “interruption of his matrimonial relationship”submits to its “intact agreement with its members” and pedians “respect” for its families to deal with a notice of the private strictly restricted policy.

A euphemism with the queen Cristina and Urdangarin and by the end of his matrimonyy con el que han Avoid Pronouncing Separation And Divorcewhich is supposed to be the next step given by the owner.

Mientras la hermana de Felipe VI permanece en paradero ‘desconocido’ -unos apuntan a que may be in Ginebra have had one of the days in Madrid with the Queen Sofiapero otros aseguran que to meet in Abu Dhabi with the emeritus Juan Carlos– and no image has been published since Iñaki’s images with Ainhoa ​​Armentia were published, the vitoriano continues with his life, trying to give normalcy to this complicated trance.

If there are times to announce his separation, we will go to Urdangarin abandoning his job of making sure that “he was all right” with the communiqué that was sent a few days ago, this March the child of the child Cristina followed in the same reiterando que n tiene “nada más que decir” a lo ya dicho, y pidiendo “respeto” en estos delicados momento.

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No answers about Ainhoa

Regarding the response of the press, Iñaki preferred not to respond to the questions related to Ainhoa ​​-com would find her in the middle of this mediocre vortex or she would have initiated a sentimental relationship with her-, but she has explained himself , Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Ireneafter his separation: “Todos muy bien”.


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