Inai commissioners justify budget project before deputies

By arguing that, among other things, it has the task of acting as a balance of the powers of the Mexican state, in addition to promoting accountability, the commissioners of the INAI justified before the Transparency and Corruption Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the more than 982.9 million pesos that they require for their jobs in 2022.

This Wednesday, the members of the plenary session of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai) They met with legislators of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Commission, in order to learn about the budget project of that Institute, as well as the progress of the two constitutional reforms: that of the National Transparency System and the National Anticorruption System.

During her participation, the president commissioner of the Inai, Blanca Lilia Ibarra, made it clear that this instance is committed to the policy of austerity established by the federal government; all of this while complying with the legal functions they have and cannot be waived.

However, Commissioner Josefina Román acknowledged that for next year they seek an 8.6% increase in their resources with respect to fiscal year 2021, mainly to strengthen general services, the operation of programs, and the implementation of a new related office. with the T-MEC.

The commissioner argued that in 2018, the Inai It had a budget of 98.4 million pesos, and for 2019 the resource assigned to it was 900.1 million, which represented a nominal reduction of 18.1%. While from 2019 to 2020, he continued, the budget fell by 6.4%.

“This means that only in two fiscal years, 2018 and 2019, the budget of the Inai it suffered a decrease of 20.6% nominal, but 26.9% in a real way ”, he said.

Román Vergara, also highlighted that the increase in its resources is due to the need for new facilities within the framework of the new obligations that Mexico assumed in the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (TMEC).

“The T-MEC contains title 19 where there is an inter-ministerial job, and for this it is required that the Inai be a certifier of cross-border data flow, so that they travel safely ”, he explained.

On the other hand, Commissioner Norma Julieta Del Río Venegas commented that for the National Transparency System four million pesos are required in order to promote it throughout the country, while for the National Transparency Platform 51 million pesos are requested. He added that this area is basic, since all systems, information data microsites are developed and they fight hacks, which range between 47.3 million.

Regarding the latter, he said that hacks They are originated by foreign countries, which send thousands of requests to the platform and enter passwords, however, there was no violation of personal data. He stressed that security was hired for the cloud, there are also experts in the area and work is being done to mitigate these attacks.

Commissioner Francisco Javier Acuña Llamas maintained that at Inai His hand does not shake to enforce the law in relation to the obligated subjects, which reports an efficiency of 94 percent and for the rest, enforcement measures and sanctions have been imposed. In this sense, he highlighted that from 2018 to date four million pesos have been applied.

As for National Anti-Corruption System It has not achieved the visible results that everyone would like, due to the lack of legal changes on the matter.


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