INAH heads the defense of the cultural heritage of the Monterrey Center

MONTERREY.- The real estate development “Vía Zócalo”, in the Old Quarter of Monterrey, has raised the alerts of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), which for a couple of years detected the work would severely and irreversibly affect a historical place. from the city of Monterey.

The project, which would incorporate approximately 1,200 people in the area known as “Barrio Antiguo de MTY”, without considering the mobility that would be fostered by offices and the floating population in commercial areas, affects the cultural, artistic and architectural heritage of the Barrio Antiguo, due to the lack of roads and the impossibility of building them in the area; the scarcity of water (an already serious problem for Nuevo León) and the limits of the drainage load, among other factors.

The CEO of “Vía Zócalo”, Juan Carlos Durán, has assured that “all quality guarantees are in place and people are going to live happily”, but the residents of the area do not think the same. Colonists from Barrio Antiguo and Santa Lucía have asked INAH to intervene and have publicly urged the federal institution to take the protection of the area to its ultimate consequences to avoid losing its historical heritage and the harmony of those who live there. “This is the complete opposite of a global trend of fostering resilient cities.”

For now, an opinion from INAH itself indicates that the work would severely affect historical, cultural and artistic buildings that are the heritage of Mexico, but with legal tricks the real estate consortium, inexplicably, managed to get the First District Court in Administrative Matters to protect the development, leaving without effect the suspension seals that the Institute had already managed to apply.

The project includes 479 apartments of between 40 and 90 square meters, with multiple-use areas, a shopping and office center, as well as 3,000 square meters of social recreation and entertainment, an open-air cinema, pet-friendly areas, a business area, a kitchen specialized and terraces, among others, in the heart of Monterrey.

Neighbors plan to file a complaint against the district judge before the Federal Judiciary Council and intend to ask the municipality of Monterrey to exert political and legal pressure so that the imparter of justice adheres to his actions according to law.

The permit for Vía Zócalo was not granted in the current municipal administration, although it follows up on an audit of the real estate project that has been underway since October 2021, which has revealed that the previous administration acted differently than usual in the granting of permits for this development, starting with speed, by issuing the resolution a few weeks before the end of the previous administration.

The mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, has met with neighborhood organizations to learn firsthand about their concerns and fears. It is presumed that behind the development would be a high-ranking former official of the Monterrey administration, Genaro García, head of the Office linked to former PRI mayor Adrián de la Garza who has held public office in Nuevo León for 10 years and has acquired properties under the shelter of supposed privileges and the support of his former boss.

If the Law is not found to be lacking in the granting of the permit, the hope of the inhabitants of Barrio Antiguo is that the historical and cultural heritage of the city is proven to be affected, so that, with the powers that INAH has, it can definitively suspend the work.

For now, everything indicates that the promise with which the “Vía Zócalo” project is sold, to combine “the history of its city with the avant-garde of a new lifestyle”, is anything but that; In the words of INAH inspectors who asked to remain anonymous, in reality it is a real estate project from which its owners only hope to take advantage, not to take care of the rich history of the historic center of Monterrey or improve the quality of life of people.

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