In video: the electric car more economical than the gasoline car?

While the offer of electric vehicles is more and more attractive, the financial advantage of opting for a battery model is proving more and more interesting.

Helped by attractive government subsidies that can reach $ 13,000 in Quebec, electric cars are even more expensive to buy, but their lower rate of use means that the buyer comes out on top fairly quickly.

To demonstrate this, the chronicler of Car guide Antoine Joubert made a comparison between a 2022 Honda Civic and a 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Based on funding spread over five years, he considered many factors to determine that it was the most economical electricity in the end. We have of course considered the selling price and subsidies, but also other elements such as registration and insurance fees, maintenance, the cost of gasoline, etc.

While on the program Salut Bonjour, Antoine Joubert gave details of this very interesting comparison. Watch the video clip at the top of this article for all the details!

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