In two days of water rationing in Nuevo León, consumption skyrocketed: Juan Ignacio Barragán

Monterey, NL. Nuevo León is at a red light due to the water crisis; at La Boca and Cerro Prieto dams, they have 4 and 10 days left, respectively, and they will not be able to make water drinkable; For this reason, the water rationing program was implemented and it was expected to reduce consumption to less than 12,000 liters per second (LPS), but it rose to more than 16,000 LPS, warned Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal, director of Water and Drainage Services. from Monterrey.

“We expected to reduce the supply to 12,200 liters per second, for example, on Friday, March 18, around 13,000 LPS were consumed. However, this Monday, March 21, the consumption increased to 16,436 LPS and on Tuesday to 16,116 LPS, despite the fact that 2,000 LPS were saved in Guadeloupe, (where the supply was reduced to a minimum) due to the panic among the population of running out of water,” he emphasized.

He added that the Water for All Program consists of reducing the flow to a minimum one day of the week, in each of the seven zones into which the metropolitan area was divided, in order to save more than 4,000 liters per second every day. The normal supply will be from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. every day.

The strategy to continue reducing water consumption is to locate all leaks. From March 13 to 20, 688 LPS have been recoverednow they are going to continue with the secondary drinking water network.

On the other hand, action will be taken against those who are directly connected to Monterrey Water and Drainage Services (illegal outlets). Direct connections have been detected in 18 neighborhoods, with around 200,000 homes connected directly in popular and mid-level areas.

“We estimate that around 50 commercial buildings are connected without having updated feasibility of Water and Drainage of Monterrey, we have to see case by case, in terms of businesses and industries there would be 3,000 cases with alterations in the meter or clandestine connections”, said the state official.

He estimated that 1 million 800 cubic meters could be saved if unaccounted-for water is recovered, due to obsolete meters, since there are cases in which there are meters that are 20 years old and only account for 40% of the water consumed, so They must be changed every 5 years.

In this sense, he commented that 192,000 meters were acquired and another 100,000 more are about to be tendered, in three or four years it is expected to have installed 1 million meters, at no cost to the user, assured the state official.

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