In Tunisia, 2,000 people demonstrate against President Saied’s “coup”

“Get out, get out”, cry the demonstrators, as when they drove out Ben Ali in 2011. In Tunisia, hundreds of demonstrators denounced what they call “the coup” of President Saied. In front of the municipal theater of Tunis, 2000 people gathered to defend the 2014 Constitution.

On Wednesday, the president published in the Official Journal a text which replaces several chapters of the Constitution, containing “exceptional measures”. These extend the freezing of Parliament, allow it to legislate by decree, to chair the Council of Ministers and to enact laws in all areas.

“Let the president restore the constitution and we will go and vote freely, launches a woman. We didn’t like what happened on July 25th. Give us the freedom to vote like all democratic countries. “

“Today there are a large number of people who want to keep this constitution, and it is their right to keep and defend it, adds a man. Our country is advancing on the path of democracy and there will be no turning back. To leave the path of democracy is to betray the blood of martyrs “.

Kais Saied, elected at the end of 2019, surprised on July 25 by announcing that he was dismissing the Prime Minister, suspending the activities of Parliament and also granting himself judicial power.

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