In Trappes, an astonishing right-left alliance to dismiss the outgoing mayor

In Trappes (Yvelines), the city of Omar Sy and Jamel Debbouze, political life follows the most disheveled and improbable of scenarios. After the cancellation, in August, of the municipal election of 2020, here is an astonishing alliance between the left and the right was sealed, Tuesday, September 14. After battling against each other for years, the former socialist mayor (PS) Guy Malandain and Othman Nasrou, a lieutenant of Valérie Pécresse, have decided to unite. They will lead a common list in the new ballot scheduled for October 10 and 17, with Mr. Nasrou in first place, and Mr. Malandain in third.

Their objective: to remove Ali Rabeh, the mayor (Génération.s) whose election, in June 2020, was invalidated by the Council of State. Together, they accuse him of managing Trappes in an authoritarian and partisan fashion. “He set the city on fire”, assures Othman Nasrou. Here, “We are no longer in a fight between the right and the left, but between the Republic and clientelism”, he hammers to justify this unexpected “common front”.

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“It’s an unnatural alliance!, Ali Rabeh reacts. The only driving force behind this agreement is resentment and hatred against me. Fortunately, the Trappists are not fools. They will judge me on my record: I have reinstated after-school tutoring, lowered canteen prices, lowered taxes… And I hope to be elected in the first round. ”

A town that has become a symbol

Before the announcement of the pact between the opponents yesterday, Ali Rabeh seemed well placed to win. In 2020, this former chief of staff of Benoît Hamon came first in the second round with 40.4% of the votes, ahead of Othman Nasrou’s list (37.2%), and that of Guy Malandain (22.4% ). Since then, he has been reinforced by the result of the departmental elections: his list gathered 60% of the votes in the first round in the city of Trappes, and nearly 70% in the second. He also hoped to capitalize on his legitimacy as an outgoing mayor. But the alliance between its rivals can be a game changer.

The stakes are high. This is of course the future of Trappes, a town of 32,000 inhabitants, on the left since 1945, managed successively by the Communists, the Socialists, and the friends of Benoît Hamon. For the local right, led by Valérie Pécresse and the former deputy Jean-Michel Fourgous, placing one of their own at the town hall would constitute a notable victory.

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