• Emma Coronel hits with sexy pose in fitted jeans on social media
  • The 31-year-old woman has a spectacular body
  • The wife of “Chapo” was arrested for drug trafficking a few days ago

A few days after it was announced that she was arrested for drug trafficking, a more than fiery photo of Emma Coronel, wife of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in a sexy pose with fitted jeans resurfaces on social networks.

It was just a few days ago when it became known that Emma Coronel, wife of “Chapo” Guzmán was arrested at Dulles International Airport, in Virginia for drug trafficking.

After this, a photograph resurfaced in which the 31-year-old woman with Mexican and American nationality appeared quite sexy in fitted jeans that did not leave the imagination of the public.

Emma Coronel sexy photo (Instagram)

And, despite the fact that she already has two daughters with the capo, named María Joaquina and Emaí Guadalupe, the former model continues to have an enviable body for many women.

Such is the case of a photo where Chapo’s wife appeared in a sexy pose with tight jeans showing her toned belly, where Emma Coronel wore her incredible body while standing in front of the mirror proud of her curves.

This photograph was shared by the Instagram fan page dedicated to Emma, ​​called @emmafashion.ok where various followers did not overlook the hot photo of the model in a bikini.

“Beauty”, “That you are very well take care of yourself a big hug boss”, “You are beautiful”, “It is spectacular”, “Uffff one of the best photos with all due respect”, “How youthful you look, very radiant”, they could read in the comments of the publication.

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As if that were not enough, this was not the only photograph that they published of the wife of “Chapo” because in another that seems to be a capture of his Instagram you can see Emma Coronel very uncooked.

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It should be noted that in an interview with the The New York Times, Emma Coronel acknowledged that since she and the capo met at the age of 17, a “beautiful friendship” emerged that escalated to a torrid romance.

In another image, Emma Coronel appeared in a pink blouse / top in details of flowers of different colors.

Emma Coronel sexy photo (Instagram)

PHOTO: Instagram. @ emmafashion.ok

This garment made the woman’s chest look even more, while she modeled large pink sunglasses in the photograph.

You can see the image of Emma Coronel in a bikini here.

They arrest Emma Coronel, the wife of Chapo Guzmán

Before she appeared in sexy social media photos, Emma Coronel, wife of “Chapo” Guzmán, was arrested in Virginia on charges of drug trafficking, according to the US Department of Justice, reports The Associated Press.

Colonel Aispuro, a Mexican and American citizen, was arrested this Monday at Dulles International Airport, in Virginia.

Emma Coronel sexy photo (Instagram)

PHOTOS: Instagram. Emma Coronel

He is expected to appear tomorrow in the District Court of Colombia by videoconference, indicates Agencia Reforma. Coronel, 31 years old and with dual Mexican and American nationality, is the wife of Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán

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