In the PS, a vote but no contradictory debate to invest Anne Hidalgo

It’s almost done. Anne Hidalgo is expected to be invested as a presidential candidate by the Socialist Party in an internal vote on October 14. Supposed to decide between the competitors, it will be held without contradictory public debate, decided on Saturday, September 18, the party meeting in Congress, which has disappointed some.

The former first secretary of the party Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who planned to run, rallied to the candidacy of the mayor of Paris. “The conditions for a true primary serene in the face of public opinion could not be met. I respect this choice but I cannot participate in it under these conditions. I will therefore support Anne Hidalgo ”, he tweeted.

A large majority of the delegates present at the 79e PS congress in Villeurbanne voted for the holding of this internal vote on October 14, promised by the First Secretary Olivier Faure. The latter, who supports the mayor of Paris, was reelected on Saturday at the head of the party.

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The mayor of Le Mans, Stéphane Le Foll, could also present himself but he demanded like Mr. Cambadélis a contradictory debate between them, which will not take place. Delegates opted for “A time of exchange of each candidate with the militants”, explained Pierre Jouvet, spokesperson for the PS, who will chair the special electoral commission that will be set up.

“The suspense is not very great”

“It’s a process that will not lead to overbidding”, explained Olivier Faure. He had indicated earlier to the press that he was against “A hypermedia public confrontation” between the candidates. Anne Hidalgo did not hide her opposition either, preferring “Debate with the French”. “It’s a vote where the suspense is not very great”, recognized Olivier Faure.

According to him, even “Those who can be candidates in front of it, do not think that they can be nominated”, and if Anne Hidalgo has already announced her candidacy, without waiting for the nomination of the PS, “Is that she had the feeling, not totally unfounded, that almost all the federations and elected officials support her”.

To be a candidate, you will need 30 sponsorships from members of the party’s federal office. Contenders have until October 8 to apply. Activists who have joined no later than six months before will be able to vote, and those who have joined for the last time in 2018, and who will have updated their subscription, will be able to be part of the electoral body.

Delegates in favor of Hélène Geoffroy, the sole opponent of Olivier Faure for the head of the party, abstained, because they wanted a “Public debate between candidates in front of the French”.

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