in the noble area

If the Bible had been written now, surely one of the episodes would be dedicated to Dembele. The wayward striker and ballplayer would well deserve a parable, perhaps that of the prodigal son, with some variation. It’s not like he left and then comes back and Dad welcomes him with open arms, because he’s still here and, as far as I know, he’s still paid by the club and is part of the squad. And it is not about opening his arms to those who surely already think of a future far from the Camp Nou. Dembele, in a contemporary Bible, would be a kind of traitor to the cause who stays at home because it is still cold outside, although everyone knows that it is not in this home that he plans to spend future winter nights near the Barça fire. A satisfactory parable would be the one that recommends keeping him in the community because he can still help cut wood and a severe lesson (and very much from the punitive divinity) would tell us that it is best to set him aside and let him be bored to moral exhaustion.

We opt for the philosophy Alves: “You have to be more intelligent than the ego”, that is, let’s make him play, because he can and because we can make him play, but Xavi He decides no and saves him monumental whistles in a duel to finally enter the noble zone of the classification that was presented as a kind of showcase of the miseries we have suffered in recent years. A character debuted who was not the object of desire (Adama Traore), but now, stuffed into his shirt, with his muscles on the verge of a volcanic eruption, he looks like a symbol of redemption; a character returned to the stage (Luis Suarez) who had to leave without applause and who stepped on the grass that loved him again. And on top of that we had a team in front of us that made us purple and that was in low hours, shortly before the trumpets of the end of the era sounded Simeone.

sporting dignity

The summary of the match is that adama it is a freight train that runs like a high-speed one, that you cannot be calm or win by 4 to 1, that Suarez he still has a fragment of culé heart (everything is so far away, that it seems that we don’t remember how or when he left), that Alves has too much (and risks a decisive victory), which aubameyang We still don’t know what he can play for, and that everything that had made us half dream in the first half, was diluted in the second, in a few silly minutes, because Atlético is no longer what it was and Barça, however, He knew how to control his nerves.

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After the meeting, Alves he set himself up as the sage of the tribe and, in that live-and-let-live pose, spoke of devotion to the club and rebuilding. Patience. We are already in the Champions League (and look what it cost) and perhaps parables from the Bible will not be necessary (that is, Dembele) to maintain that minimum of sporting dignity.

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