In the Green Tax Reform there will be tax credits for those who invest in reducing pollution: Samuel García

Monterrey, NL. The Green Tax Reform consists of including in the Finance Law state a series of quotas for those who emit pollutants above what environmental regulations allow; However, if the companies demonstrate that they are making investments to reduce pollution, they will be granted tax credits, the governor said. Samuel Garcia Sepúlveda.

“This reform does not seek to collect, it wants to regulate, it is to put in the Finance Law of the 2022 economic package, a series of quotas for those who emit pollutants above what the law allows (…) we have already detected 162 factories and 22 quarries ”, explained the governor.

For example, he assured that there are factories that light the chimneys at two in the morning and pollute three times more particles PM 10, PM 2.5 and other pollutants.

“In this package comes a series of administrative facilities or fiscal incentives, those that exceed the norm, and that pollute will be subject to a tax, but if they demonstrate to the Treasury that they have made an investment in filters, boilers, or conversion to natural gas, they will be given a tax credit so that they do not pay ”, he assured.

He warned that those taxpayers who are granted incentives and continue to pollute “are going to pay dearly,” and this tax will be to invest in mobility, the environment and reforestation. They are currently evaluating what the fees will be in conjunction with the Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León (Caintra).

The main source of contamination is mobile sources, due to the fact that in the distribution of gasoline to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey, a more lax regulation has been assigned than to the Metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexicohey of Guadalajara, where it is required to commercialize AA fuel, with stricter standards; while the ZMM is allowed to use type B and C gasoline in summer and winter, indicates an analysis by the Citizen Observatory of Air Quality in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area.

Committed industry

In turn, Rodrigo Fernández Martínez, president of Caintra thanked the governor for calling all sectors to dialogue to seek consensus, including the Pemex refinery on Cadereyta, and supported the initiative to improve air quality.

“Today there are environmental regulations for the industry, which grant state and federal authorities the power to act with those who do not comply. We understand that the state seeks powers to sanction those who are not complying ”.

“At the same time, we recognize the incentives that the state government is considering, so that companies that are not complying have the motivation to invest, respect regulations, formalize and reduce their impact on air quality, including small and medium-sized companies. industries “, stressed the leader.

He assured that the member companies of Caintra form an industrial community committed to good practices in matters of social responsibility, implementing innovative programs that have been recognized nationally and internationally.

“Today natural gas is the friendliest energy input. For this reason, Nuevo León’s industry is the main user, with almost a third of national consumption. Within energy, more than 1,200 million dollars have been invested in recent years, in better energy sources, with a smaller environmental footprint ”.

More than 10,000 vehicles are also being inspected, with the Voluntary Vehicle Verification Program, and for 30 years they have had the Caintra Institute for Environmental Protection to reduce the environmental footprint, the leader emphasized.

To ensure long-term air quality, he proposed that the Monterrey Metropolitan Environmental Fund (FAMM), the Observatorio Ciudadano and the Nuevo León Council for Strategic Planning, to integrate science into good practice.

The leader of the Nuevo León industrialists told the governor: “We are part of the equation, with his leadership, we want all sectors to be together and those who are outside the norm are given the opportunity to regularize and those who comply, that they can continue to invest ”.

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