Respiro. The Tricolor is necessary to set up the triumph to draw a line of derotions and doubts about the players who can tell the story. And today, Mexico won Jamaica 2-1 in a World Cup Eliminatoria game in Qatar, but there was no easy mark to score, the reggae boyz estuvieron had until the 80th minute, when he scored the empire goal with Henry Martín and two minutes later, the Alexis Vega.

The result was announced in Mexico, currently at the third point of the 17-point contest, which means a direct ballot to the World Cup, without embarrassment, due to disputes against five parties, in order to vote in the Class Three.

Hoy, Canada is in the doldrums and secondly lies, is the United States.

At Kingston’s Independence Park, without publicity and with an athletics track azure like a panoramic mark, the venues are lined with 10 men as Damion Lowe’s fall falls to captain Andrés Guardado at minute 43. al pie de apoyo del mexicano. Arma ‘Ismael Cornejo auditioned for VAR, a tool that made its appearance first in the Eliminatoria and revised the stage, showcasing the red card.

There was a very unwrapped game of folds and not all of the card consequences. Meanwhile, the first thing that comes to mind is that Jorge Sánchez transcends the first four minutes of the game and has to deal with it, occupying his place Luis Rodríguez; the golfer to Andrés Guardado who became involved in the eviction of Lowe and that the coach Gerardo Martino confirmed that there is no lesson that he is incapacitated. The case of Diego Laínez, who protested against a bump in the spring that made it difficult to breathe.

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The Jamaiquinos will celebrate Daniel Johnson’s goal at minute 50, which he will send to the Mexicans with the sensation of the third straight derby in this final phase, through the Sufridas in November in the United States and Canada.

The Tata Martino evidence with his corporeal language the pressure, the men on the rostrum, on the cue, estres when falling in the opportunities, that in my mind Rogelio Funes Mori, Uriel Antuna, Jesús Gallardo and Alexis Vega. The Argentine coach has had all the possible changes since the 70th minute, the appearance of Gerardo Arteaga, Henry Martín and Jesús Corona, which is the last thing he has learned from the bank where he was recently recovered.

The Tricolor is regressing to the City of Mexico with a better result, but without a victory over Victoria, it will be located in the Aztec stadium near Costa Rica and the markets in Panama, also in the closing ceremony.

“We have a convocator of 28 players, we have some inconveniences, those who are available and on the bank, we are high on the altar, with the difficulty of the rival, for the persistence and the search our hiccups return the result. The party wins well, we control it in its entirety, we have a goal-keeping goal in context and we continue judging by the same way we move the result and the lograms in the last 10 minutes as we have to face them.

“At the collective level hicimos buen party, the controllers antes and after the goal of them. The collective yield is for my good taste”, dijo Martino in conference of press through the party.

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Games that need to be played in the Concacaf Eliminators:

Fecha 10 – Domingo 30 de enero

  • Mexico vs. Costa Rica (Estadio Azteca)

Fecha 11 – Weddings 2 February

  • Mexico vs. Panama (Aztec Stadium)

Fecha 12 – Jueves 24 de marzo

  • Mexico vs. United States (Estadio Azteca)

Fecha 13 – Domingo 27 de marzo

  • Honduras vs. Mexico (Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano)

Fecha 14 – Weddings 30 March

  • Mexico vs. El Salvador (Aztec Stadium)

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