In Querétaro, they detect 20 Covid infections with the Omicron variant

Queretaro, Qro. Against the fourth wave of infections by Covid-19, the State Health Services h20 infections of the Omicron variant were detectedUntil this Friday.

José Francisco Hernández Puga, the official responsible for the International Health Regulations, specified that so far 305 infections of the Delta variant have been identified in the state, 38 infections of the Alpha variant, 30 of Lambda, 20 of Ómicron, eight of Gamma , four of Mu and the rest correspond to other variants.

Currently, he explained, the state is experiencing a time of high transmissibility, in which vaccines have a positive effect. However, he stressed that the population must remain vigilant and continue with vaccination strategies.

This Thursday, January 27, the state added 1,227 new Covid-19 infections, 121 150 confirmed infections accumulate since the beginning of the pandemic, they have uncovered reports from the Secretary of State of Health.

Also this Thursday, eight people lost their lives due to the disease, a total of 6,200 deaths in the framework of the pandemic.

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