In Nuevo León, the problem of water scarcity has been handled well: AMLO

Monterey, NL. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorcommented during the morning held in the Seventh Military Zone of Nuevo León, that the scarcity of water in the state has been handled well and he hopes that there will be sufficient supply with the Liberty Dam and the Water Treatment Projects.

The National Water Commission is here to immediately support the entity; the state and federal governments carry out joint actions to solve the water supply. In addition, the president said that he met with the businessmen who have contributed a significant amount of water.

“The problem (of the water crisis) has been handled well, we hope that there will be enough supply with the Libertad dam and the water treatment projects, let’s spend these two months (to wait for the rain), so far we are doing well. It was thought that it was going to get worse, we avoided a worse situation”.

“We all act together with the business sector, we will always be on the lookout for solutions to increase the availability of water with the dam and water treatment. Something important is to renew the distribution lines, and reduce leaks, which requires annual investments in Nuevo León and throughout the country, it is also necessary to modernize the irrigation districts”, AMLO emphasized.

For his part, the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlveda, highlighted: “We received very good news from the president (…). In terms of water, the commitment is to support the Libertad dam with resources, with 2,183 million pesos; Today 458 million pesos are deposited, let’s say it is a presidential work and in 2023 he will send us another 1,132 million pesos, to finish the work in November of that year.

With this work, it will be possible to supply 2,000 liters per second, more in addition to the shallow and deep wells that are being opened to achieve sufficient supply.

Regarding the suburban train project, he stressed that the concession of the road became a reality, and the section will be built from Santa Catarina to the International Airport in Apodaca, which will have the capacity to transport 170,000 passengers per day and the investment will be 3,000 million construction weights.

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