In Moselle, Marine Le Pen defends “national priority”

Marine Le Pen’s trip to Moselle, Thursday, September 23, devoted to “The national priority”, was a little upset by the revelations of the World the same day regarding the murky past of his campaign manager, Christophe Bay. Then prefect of Dordogne, he was dismissed from his post in the summer of 2016, after two reports from the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA) which reported undue expenditure, in particular the purchase of whiskey on public money. A third report from the IGA, on suspicion of sexual assault, had been sent to the Paris prosecutor, who had closed the case.

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“I learned of the newspaper’s astounding allegations Le Monde, Christophe Bay reacted immediately in a press release. I have asked my lawyer to file the necessary complaints. ” Marine Le Pen, who was asked if the case called into question the place of his director in the campaign, replied: ” Never. This type of filthy article, I have forty years of experience in this field. I have known Christophe Bay for six years, I have absolutely never seen, either from near or far, the slightest act of the type of those who are the subject of this defamatory paper, for which, moreover, Christophe Bay will immediately file a complaint with constitution of civil party for defamation. “ She came back to it in the afternoon, highlighting ” the presumption of innocence ” of the director, and without really indicating whether she knew her prefectural background.

“Above all a social measure”

At the end of the morning, Marine Le Pen had walked through the dense market of Hayange, 16,000 inhabitants, willingly taking selfies of a population largely acquired, alongside Fabien Engelmann, the mayor Rassemblement national (RN), reelected to more than 63% of the votes in the first round in 2020. Some militants of La France insoumise (LFI) shouted that it was “Against the increase in the minimum wage, against the ISF, against your interests, ladies and gentlemen”, before being quickly swallowed by the crowd, who are already calling him “President”.

The candidate for the Elysee takes obvious pleasure in it, and superbly ignored the bus controller who squeaked to her that “Wearing a mask is compulsory, thank you. It wants to represent the French and it’s not even capable of respecting the rules ”. The member is now trying out thematic trips, to “Go to meet the French directly”. She met three, three women in an HLM apartment in Metz, the fourth being prevented. The visit was behind closed doors, only Marine Le Pen gave a brief account of it.

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