Mexico has 37,000 registered unidentified corpses that lie in forensic services and clandestine gravesThe government reported this Thursday.

The country is going through an “emergency situation in forensic matters,” he said. Alexander Encinasundersecretary of Human rightsabout a crisis that is linked to the problem of the disappeared, of which Mexico accounts for some 95,000 cases.

Encinas, whose office is attached to the Secretary of the Interiordetailed that of the 37,000 bodies, some 8,000 had been taken to morgues and “the rest (were) in mass graves.”

One of the main causes of the problem is that “there is no national genetics database” to collate samples of DNA taken to relatives of disappearedwith those of the unidentified remains.

Last August, a report from the Movement for Our Disappeared in Mexicoan organization that brings together some 70 groups of relatives of victimspointed out that there are more than 52,000 unidentified corpses in mass graves and forensic services in the country.

The problem of disappeared in Mexico worsened since December 2006, when the government of the then president Felipe Calderon launched a controversial offensive against the drug cartelswith advice from United States and active participation of military forces.

Since then, Mexico has accumulated more than 340,000 homicides, most of them attributed to criminal actions.

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