In Memoriam | Here is the spring event series

You will need to activate your subscription to the Crave platform “pronto” to follow the most original and captivating Quebec series of the spring, the psychological thriller In Memoriamwhich resides at the intersection of Succession And The Hunger Gameswith a hint of real-life TV influence.

Featuring a five-star cast including Evelyne Brochu and Éric Bruneau, it’s the kind of daring show that would be a hit – with subtitles – on Netflix or HBO. Because the idea behindIn Memoriam immediately catches us in its net: an ultra-rich businessman from Estrie, Paul-Émile de Léry (Bruno Marcil), 72, dies leaving instructions as precise as they are Machiavellian in his will.

To receive his fortune of 84 million, the heirs of Paul-Émile de Léry will have to compete in a cruel tournament, a competition of mental and physical torture, which will be divided into six stages. The person who goes through all six phases will win the prize pool. The others will leave empty-handed.

Crave will put online the first two episodes (out of a total of eight) ofIn Memoriam Thursday and will broadcast the others at the rate of one hour per week.

It’s super catchy and twisted as a proposition. We would feel like swallowing it all in one go. But no. You’ll have to wait.

You suspect here that Léry’s family, anchored at the heart of the story, hides terrible secrets and a charged past, which will emerge in the ordeals imagined by the father, an authoritarian and sadistic man, bordering on psychopathic.

First, you should know that the four children had not spoken to their father for 15 years. They judged him responsible for the suicide of their mother Mathilde (Catherine Bérubé), who shot herself in the head.


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