Mexico City, May 12, 2022. On May 18, International Museum Day will be celebrated throughout the world. The International Council of Museums (ICOM for its acronym in English), proposed as the central theme for this edition “The power of Museums” with the intention of exploring the potential of museums to cause positive changes in their communities.

The MIDE, Interactive Museum of Economy, prepared a cultural and educational program for the whole family, with digital and face-to-face activities, which include: virtual galleries, workshops, live broadcasts, an exhibition, among others.

In the virtual plane, the launch of Visionaries MIDE, a virtual gallery where you can learn about the projects, ideas and work of a selection of contemporary, national and international artists who will be invited to exhibit in the virtual space of MIDE Digital from the lens of sustainability and the 17 Development Goals Sustainable. MIDE visionaries can be consulted free of charge at

Tiina Heiska – Cherry Tree

Also, in the Digital MIDE the educational project will be presented financial monsters, an educational development that is made up of different digital resources, among which a series of animated microclips stands out, showing some of the most common financial problems that people face and how they can generate strategies to solve them. Financial Monsters is available for free at

On the other hand, in alliance with TikTok Mexico, on May 18 at 7:00 p.m., a special live broadcast will be held where you can learn about the MIDE from the hands of those who work every day to bring the Museum to life. The objective this year is to strengthen the cultural heritage that exists in our country and in Latin America. The broadcast can be followed from the official account of MIDE’s TikTok.

In person, the MIDE will present a couple of activities focused on seeking the power to achieve sustainability. From May 17 to 22, the public visiting the Museum will be able to participate in: The sum of the parts simulation game that will allow the participants to know the consequences of their water consumption and the impact that this has on the environment, in addition to knowing the changes that the rivers of the City and the Valley of Mexico Basin have had and how this has modified their habitat and lifestyle.

Also, the visitors will be able to be part of the Challenge 17 objectives where through a dynamic of exploration and debate, they will discover what the Sustainable Development Goals are, relevant information on the progress or debts that the country has to achieve those goals, in addition to proposing creative solutions that contribute to protecting the environment, caring for the peace and seek the prosperity of all people.

In addition, those who visit the museum will have access to the temporary exhibition 2020 Chronicle of a pandemic, Photographic exhibition by Santiago Arau, which focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on daily life in Mexico City. Arau’s vision -and that of invited artists- highlights the social, economic, cultural and scientific aspects that have marked this historical moment for humanity.

All face-to-face activities are included in the entrance ticket to the Museum.

As part of the celebration of International Museum Day on May 18, the MIDE will offer a 2×1 discount on the cost of general access.

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