In Israel, two of six Palestinians who escaped have been found

Two of the six Palestinians who escaped from an Israeli jail overnight from Sunday to Monday were found and captured on Friday (September 10) in northern Israel, police said in a statement. “Police officers in the northern zone recently captured two of the escaped prisoners (…) in the city of Nazareth “Israeli police said without giving further details or the identity of the captured prisoners.

Israeli forces have been waging a massive manhunt since the escape of six Palestinians – including former combatant Zakaria Zubeidi – security detainees in Gilboa high security prison. The six men had managed to escape through a tunnel dug under a sink. The Israeli army announced on Wednesday the deployment of new reinforcements in the West Bank, in order to ” hunt down “ the six escapees, members of Palestinian armed groups imprisoned for having, according to Israel, prepared or carried out attacks against Israelis.

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The Israeli authorities say they fear, among other things, that the escapees carry out attacks. One of them, Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah, imprisoned since 1996 and sentenced to life imprisonment, was a known member of Islamic Jihad, one of the main Palestinian armed movements. He had been placed in solitary confinement a few years ago after the discovery of tunnels dug in an Israeli penitentiary, according to the Islamist organization.

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