In his meetings, Eric Zemmour preaches his “real history” of France

A figurine of Napoleon Bonaparte sits on the dedication table. Eric Zemmour receives gifts from his fans by signing France has not said its last word (Rubempré, 352 p., 21.90 euros) and posters “Zemmour president”, Friday September 17, at the Toulon convention center. He will do the same the next day, in Nice. Two stages, two “conferences” in an effervescence specific to political meetings: entry on the scene to cheers, flyers “I vote Zemmour in 2022”, nearly 60 accredited media …

But when the identity essayist speaks, silence falls. In Toulon, some 800 admirers listened to him religiously, as if hypnotized. Eric Zemmour immediately measures himself against Napoleon. He parades the pantheon of his great men, from Tocqueville to de Gaulle, in which he seems to settle. He takes his audience by the hand by telling himself in Rastignac, entered the Latin Quarter as one crosses the Berlin Wall, proud to win a “Magnificent note in history” at Sciences Po. And flatters this public made up of Pieds-Noirs, who would understand ” before everyone ” the future of a France threatened by Islam.

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The polemicist designs his work The French Suicide (Albin Michel, 2014) like “The moment 1789”, he says, our time like the Terror, where the “Media and judicial guillotine”. His audience applauds CNews, hue “The watchdogs of the dominant ideology”. He defends “White heterosexual man”, seen as “Worse than Hitler”, and foreshadows that “War waged by minorities will end physically”. “I am the first defender of women. Who threatens them, who attacks them in the street, who steals them, rapes them, sometimes kills them? “, he adds, designating immigrants and Muslims. In his “War of civilization”, he describes “Foreign enclaves” in France, became “A colonial concession” in the Arab-Muslim world.

Attracted by his “aura”

“Have we already done an hour?” “, Zemmour is astonished, carried away by his emphasis in Toulon. Outside, a handful of protesters waved signs; his supporters responded with a Marseillaise intoned at the top of the lungs, convinced that their idol is the victim of “Cartoons” of “System”. He surfs on this distrust. “I know you won’t believe anything anyone tells you about me”, he launched in Nice, Saturday, September 18, very applauded. To deflate controversies, such as that on foreign first names, he plays on two springs: the media would distort his words and eternal France would be on his side. “I will tell you the real story of France and the Republic, he narrates in front of an audience of activists sitting cross-legged, often young identities. Imposing first names that embellish the French soil and the history of France, this has made the French for two centuries. “

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