In France, nobody adds. The analysis of Andreu Claret

let’s get through the first round of the French legislative through the verb sieve ‘Add’ that the Vice President of the Government has made fashionable, Yolanda Diaz. Faced with the impossibility of knowing who has won, for the vote tie of the two main coalitions, it is better to ask who adds more to try to know what can happen in the second round. Jean-Luc Mélenchon can display the results of the leftist coalition as a victory, although seen closely these are not to ring the bells: 26.11%, a quarter of the French who have voted and 13% of the electorate. Almost the same percentage as the formation led by Emmanuel Macron (25.88%), although with a substantial difference. While the left breaks electoral ceilings lowered by their everlasting divisions, Macron leaves touched of an election in which his formation has fallen seven points.

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