We emerge K.-O. viewing the first two episodes of Chaos. First, the music. Then, the screams. First, the excitement when it is combined with the time of youth, of complicity, of friendship. Then, the drama. Imagined by Josélito Michaud, directed by Stéphan Beaudoin (Amber Alert, Blue Hour), this very intense psychological thriller strikes, hard, by its content and fascinates by its structure.

It all started with the show of INVO (singer Simon Morin, in his first role), a rock star whose songs resemble those of Daniel Bélanger (who actually wrote and arranged them). INVO ends its world tour at home in Montreal. Full room. A lucky group will even have the chance to attend the show in the VIP section.

Isn’t life beautiful? She is. Until the explosion. Smoke. Screams. The scrolling images. The projected bodies. Torn apart. The blood. The realization of Stéphan Beaudoin could have been voyeuristic, it is honest and respectful. The result is only more painful.

There will be 8 victims and 20 injured. These are the numbers. No one in reality will emerge unscathed, physically or psychologically, from this nameless drama – for which we do not know who is responsible or why it took place.

Because unlike the Bataclan tragedy (for which the trial of the 20 co-accused began yesterday in Paris), immediately claimed by the armed group Islamic State, we are not talking here of “terrorism in cascade”: ” Chaos is not modeled on this drama, but the writers and I were inspired by the post-traumatic effects that these tragedies have, said Josélito Michaud yesterday at a press conference. We have read and studied a lot on the subject. »In order to understand the victims on the spot and the others, who become victims by ricochet. Parents, families, friends.

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To this shocking content is added a structure that seems to have exploded at the same time as the performance hall. We find ourselves in front of a puzzle whose pieces are formed back and forth in time. A few days after the tragedy, a few hours before. And during. Fortunately, the pieces of the puzzle are well cut and fit together easily, starting to form a complex landscape that will only appear in its entirety after 10 episodes.

From the world to mass

The bet was all the more risky as Chaos counts on a very large distribution. Veterans (including Pascale Bussières, Christian Bégin, Fanny Mallette, Pierre Lebeau and even an instantly unrecognizable Denis Bernard) rub shoulders with a dozen young actresses and actors.

Among them, Lysandre Ménard embodies a piano virtuoso (classical music also occupies a good place in the series) invited to the show by a stranger (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie). She is a fan of INVO, she accepts. Destiny.

Soon they are in the crowd, with friends and accomplices. Among them, Will (Tom-Eliot Girard), waiter in a cafe who convinced his sister (Carla Turcotte) to take her shift so that he does not miss the start of the show. She will thus miss the first hour of the show. Him, not. Destiny.

Behind the scenes, the story mainly focuses on the rock star and his brother (Henri Picard). In the skin of INVO, therefore, the singer Simon Morin. “Because he knows how to inhabit a stage. For the game, he worked a lot with a coach “, indicates the creator of the series in which” we will find out what it means to be a star “.

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All these characters, we quickly discover, have secrets. They lie. Don’t play fair. But are they really lying? “We see what we want to see, we hear what we want to hear. And we remember what we want to remember, ”summarizes Josélito Michaud.

Ah yes, and there is the show! Present in all episodes and shot in times of COVID. The big challenge of production. “We had to believe in it and for that, it was clear from the first meeting that we needed real musicians. We put 14 on stage. “In front of young spectators… less numerous however than what appears on the screen. The magic of special effects. It works. And that leads to (already) nostalgic images of young people screaming their joy, singing, kissing, filming with their phones.

And suddenly, the explosion.



On VAT, starting Tuesday, September 14, at 9 p.m.

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