In 2022 it will be mandatory for your dog or cat to have an animal ID

  • The General Directorate of Animal Rights plans to implement a DNI for pets in 2022

The new Law on the Protection and Rights of Animals collects several novel measures that we have already talked about, such as the compulsory course to have a dog, the prohibition of pet sacrifice or the end of pet shopping to promote adoption, among many obligations and prohibitions what you should know if you own a animal companion. Among the proposed measures is also the obtaining of a DNI animal.

The goal of the Directorate General for Animal Rights for the creation of this Pet ID, which will be mandatory from 2022, is to have a national database. Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, explained that it is necessary to have identified all the pets for “to ensure that we move on the right path and in a model where no animal is abandoned to his fate in Spain. “But,how will this animal ID and what can this document be used for?

What is known about the DNI for pets?

It is Animal DNI will be mandatory and necessary for the identification of pets, dogs or cats, in this way it will be easier to punish and fine the person responsible in case of animal abandonment. In that document, different data about the animal, like the calendar vaccines O veterinary treatments to which it has been subjected, becoming a complementary tool to the microchip. In addition, it will have the coordination of all the autonomous communities.

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At the moment we will have to wait to know more information about the Pet ID, since this is all that is known so far. It still remains to specify how to remove the DNI animal, which the General Directorate of Animal Rights plans to implement from 2022, although it seems that the management of the document will fall into the hands of the autonomous communities, although there will be a national database in order to facilitate the exchange of data between the different regions.

Another of the most discussed doubts is whether the animal ID will be physical or digital. What is clear is that the data of the dog or cat, the veterinary history and the contact information of the owner must be recorded, in order to be able to contact the person in charge if necessary. Although it is likely that the DNI format is electronic and mandatory for all pets and that it incorporates a QR code so that the State Security Forces and Bodies to access the entire history of the animal.

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