IMSS seeks to make the registration of domestic workers more flexible to increase incorporation

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) privileges because the incorporation of the domestic workers be simple, through the web page where employer data, CURP, Social Security Number and contact information are requested, in order to increase the registration that in three years has only managed to incorporate 49,000 people, already which in the coming months may become law.

Within the framework of the Presentation of the Worthy Appsthe virtual assistant of the Domestic Workers in Mexico, the director of Incorporation and Collection of the IMSS, Norma Gabriela López Castañeda, said that these workers also have the right to health protection.

The program that began as a pilot has only achieved that 16.3% of the workers have a full social security scheme, that is, this group of people managed to join and reactivate their contribution periods to reach the necessary weeks in order to have the right to a pension.

For this reason, the development of the Dignas App will be linked to the Social Security procedures to find out where they can be carried out and go hand in hand with employers and workers so that the right to social security is a success.

López Castañeda highlighted the importance of employers registering domestic workers with the IMSS, since social security is “the right to health, to child care, to have money when there is an illness or a risk at work, or to have savings for retirement.

The director of Incorporation and Collection of the IMSS highlighted that the data of the pilot program are very positive, “there are real people behind these benefits” and it is expected that in the coming months the scheme will be established as part of a law, “we are very close To do it”.

Norma Gabriela López Castañeda argued that by affiliating a domestic worker, the gap in equality with respect to labor rights and the work environment is increasingly closed.

“With this information, it is indicated how much is paid, the capture line is generated, it is not necessary to swim to stop at a government office, it is necessary to go to the family clinic to insure the family nuclei”.

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