The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has a pilot test that allows independent workers to join, while giving the possibility of having the coverage of the five insurances of the Mandatory Regime.

That’s how he explained it Norma Gabriela Lopez Castanedadirector of Incorporation and Collection (DIR) of the IMSS, to the workers of the National Chamber of the Film Industry (Canacine) to which was added the Mexican Association of Filmmakers (AMFI) and the Mexican Association of Publishers and Publishers (AMEE).

López Castañeda took the opportunity to highlight that the pilot test is designed for all people who generate their income without being linked to a subordinate employment relationship and that it includes insurance for:

  • Diseases and Maternity
  • Work risks
  • Disability and life
  • Retirement, Unemployment in old age and Old age
  • Nurseries and Social Benefits

In addition, the director of Incorporation and Collection emphasized that the social security coverage under the test scheme also covers the payment of a temporary or permanent disability, access to childcare and savings for retirement.

Emphasizing that the registration and payment procedures for the pilot test are very simple, López Castañeda also pointed out that people cover their insurance based on their monthly income and that, with this, they also protect the members of their family nucleus, who —as beneficiaries of the insured person— they also have social security protection, which allows them to access medical and hospital services, as well as medicines.

For their part, the members of the Chamber and the associations formulated various questions regarding the pilot test for the incorporation of independent workers, which gave rise to a broad and productive dialogue around it.

In this regard, the head of the DIR highlighted that one of the axes of the action of the Directorate of Incorporation and Collection of the IMSS is -precisely- cultivating direct contact with various sectors in order to promote greater incorporation into Social Security and He expressed his entire willingness to strengthen the relationship with the Chamber and members of the respective associations for this purpose.

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