Immunization certificates are the law in Ontario. This is how they work

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Guest: Rosa Saba, Toronto Star Business Reporter

A certified vaccine system is now the rule of law in Ontario. Clients will need to show proof of vaccination in many public spaces and businesses, such as indoor dining at restaurants, gyms, and sporting events. After months of debate and doubts from the Ontario government, the certificates are touted as a way for companies to avoid another series of lockdowns in the fourth wave. But there are many questions about the reality of how vaccine certificates work. Why is the certificate not in a smartphone app like the Quebec system? How easy is it for bad actors to fake your certificates? Is it up to companies to enforce at the door? Today in “This Matters” we have the guide to what you need to know about how vaccine certificates work right now.

A customer shows her vaccine proof to a host at a restaurant in Toronto on September 22, 2021, the first day the vaccine passport was implemented in Ontario.

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