[IMAGES] The very active minke whale in Montreal

The minke whale seen Sunday in Montreal is still in the Le Moyne channel on Tuesday, to the delight of the many curious people gathered to see it.

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The marine mammal, filmed by the helicopter and TVA Nouvelles cameras, is near the shore and is swimming against the current.

At the end of the morning, it came out of the water about every minute.

On Monday, specialists who observed him determined that he was in good physical condition.


The fact that it is still near Montreal is not good news, however, since the longer it stays in fresh water, the lower its chances of survival.

Screenshot/VAT News

An employee of Parc Jean-Drapeau interviewed by TVA Nouvelles notes that several new species have recently been observed.

“Being in the park, we are still quite close to biodiversity, whether it be birds, animals, insects, and we realize, with global warming, that more and more new observations are being made in the park,” he said.

Specialists hope that the minke whale will quickly find its way back to its natural habitat, the St. Lawrence estuary, which is more than 400 km away.


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