You live in a battered shelter. Then in a homeless apartment flooded with mold. You work cleaning houses and the salary does not even reach you to buy food. You are so hungry that one day you pass out. Your daughter’s father is an alcoholic bastard. Your mother, whom you have been caring for since you were six years old, suffers from a mental disorder. You are in a well and the water has surpassed your neck. Physically and psychologically. But you are immensely happy with your daughter, three years old. You never have an ugly gesture with her. Not a cry, not a cry in his presence. Not a “leave me alone”. You don’t regret having it for a single second a day. Not at all fables with how easy your existence would be without it. “Do you like being a mother? & Rdquor;Asks you an executive who does not have children and wants to have them with all her might. You, surprised by the question, look at her in amazement and answer: “I live for her.”

If you’ve seen ‘The Assistant’ (Netflix) you already know who I’m talking about: Alex, the protagonist. The series is based on ‘Maid’ (Capitán Swing), the autobiographical book in which the American author Stephanie Land shaped his troubled life. Growing up in a middle-class household that went through severe financial difficulties, 28 years got pregnant and her plans to go to college and become a writer were thwarted. To raise her daughter (she alone because the father of the baby was an undesirable from whom it was better to flee), she worked cleaning houses. The hard-earned money was not even enough to buy food. She was a worker, yes. But poor. Courtesy of Savage Capitalism. I was able to go to the supermarket only thanks to social services coupons. Owner of a titanic will, she not only managed to survive and raise her daughter, but also ended up graduating from university. Today is a independent author whose texts on poverty and social policies are published in the most prestigious media in the US.

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In the series, Margaret Qualley from life to Stephanie Land. The actress is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, which plays, precisely, the mother of the protagonist. All chapters are good. And hard. Alex has a miserable life. A jerk and alcoholic boyfriend. An abuser of those who do not hit you physically but emotionally (just as serious). A mother with mental health problems. A father converted to Catholicism with a violent past. A dreadful job.

Alex no home where to live. Or money. But he has Maddy, his daughter, a being who radiates light and makes him immensely happy. So much so that, despite the misery, despite the pain, despite the hunger, despite sleeping in a car, despite not having the physical or mental strength to get up from the sofa, he is able to smile at his daughter and take her away. to step on puddles. Alex never has a bad gesture with his little girl. We never catch her in any resignation. Just in the purest and most innocent love that exists. It is a beautiful image. But real?

Motherhood (any motherhood) is tough. Lack of time or money or both and the extreme responsibility of knowing that a being depends on you even to breathe suffocates many mothers. Its normal. But it is not counted. At least, it is not counted as much as the mantra of divine motherhood, absolute happiness, total dedication to your child.

In the series, there is a mother surpassed, but she is not the impeccable protagonist

In the series, there is a mother surpassed, but it is not the impeccable protagonist. Is another. A wealthy executive who ‘doesn’t know how to be a mother’. Cries and gets nervous with the baby. She is aware that this child has turned her into another person. And he denies it. Alex, however, does know how to be a mother. Despite the fact that it was an unexpected pregnancy, she never considered having an abortion. Abort her, the mystical and unpolluted mother? Never.

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Alex is a wonderful and satisfied mother who lives for her daughter. Maddy never tires him out, never gets on his nerves, just brings him smiles. It is true that the girl, despite her young age, never protests, does not have a tantrum, or asks for clothes or food. It doesn’t matter if I go to daycare or not. It doesn’t matter if you sleep in a bed or in a car. It doesn’t matter if you see your grandmother upset. Maddy is always good and happy. Is it a real girl or a doll?

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‘The maid’ is a blow to the stomach, an extremely interesting portrait of the American dream and of today’s ruthless and barbaric society. But It would be much more credible if the protagonist was a mother of flesh and blood, of those who look at their children and think: how sick I am of you today. Even for a second.

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