I’m from Barça, so what?, by Juan Cruz

This Wednesday the culé who writes to you was in the 24 hours of the Galician Barcelona player Xavier Forte, pending how Madrid-Manchester City went. Fortes told us that we should not advance any results, so none of those present made any allusion, not even mime, of the century match. Of the centuries.

When the famous result already took place and Madrid was filled with celebrations (Very justified) I congratulated the madridistas one by one, many of whom I had already congratulated, on Twitter and for the last column I published when the white team won LaLiga.

“It is not enough to express happiness because the other has succeeded in the object of his hobby, but also a certain shame must be expressed”

I congratulated madridistas who are on my admiration agenda, starting with someone who is now studying, my eleven-year-old grandson, as much a madridista as Alfredo Relano, to quote one of the illustrious white followers. Some responded to me and others did not, as on this occasion when the victory was as surprising as decisive. When people are happy, support their happiness, even if it doesn’t match your own appetites.

What I have observed now, and have been observing for a long time, is that it is not enough to express happiness because the other has succeeded in the object of his hobby, but also that express some embarrassment because the team you are a fan of (which also did not play) was somehow defeated in that set. Sure, I’m from Barça, I celebrate the happiness of the madridistas, but I must also admit, I am implicitly told, that your team is doing so poorly in the competitions in which it has bitten the dust that you would also have to humiliate yourself before the champion of so many occasions famous.

It seems to me that in the world of football, which is like almost all worlds, a world in competition, the triumphs are exaggerated so much that the opponents who, as on this occasion, did not jump onto the pitch because, simply , they already went eliminated from any of the contests that at this point in the season they only have a thread of time to be elucidated.

Sure, I’m from Barça, we haven’t done well, until last night we had that thread of time left to celebrate at least the final redoubt of hope. And I’m just a fan of Barça, just like others are just Real Madrid fans, Spaniards (from Espanyol, be careful) or Tenerife (which I’m also from, by the way), so we’re not playing this Wednesday at Chamartín, but we salute the winner.

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Anything else? What should we do at this point? the great victory of others? Stay at home, in my case, like when Benfica beat us in Bern, crying, guilty?

Man, by God, let us not win when it comes to us, but do not embarrass us because the eternal rival has won someone who speaks English (among other languages) even though there is a Catalan who I admire and love almost as much as I do pedri, who speaks with my Canarian accent. Visca Barça, in short, what do you want me to tell you? And congratulations to Real Madrid. Again.

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