“Illegal” means of pressure could disrupt STL service

As the conflict thickens at the Société de transport de Laval (STL), the public carrier on Tuesday denounced “illegal” pressure tactics deployed by the bus drivers’ union.

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STL management anticipates service disruptions that may lead to cancellations of trips for Tuesday, while the day before nearly 150 trips had to be canceled.

“The STL condemns the concerted action to boycott overtime and school assignments,” the employer said in a press release, deploring the acts of intimidation suffered by some drivers to follow the directive to refuse overtime.

“These actions contravene the safeguard order obtained by the Administrative Labor Tribunal last November,” mentioned the STL, specifying that legal interventions will be undertaken “to put an end to the means of pressure”.

To put an end to the labor dispute, the STL proposed to the Union, last February, to call on an arbitrator. “Unfortunately, the Syndicate refused and prefers, once again, to take the clientele hostage rather than resolve the deadlock in the negotiations,” added the STL.


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