Illa suggests the way of the Statute to solve the Catalan conflict

The main protagonists of Catalan politics have traveled this week to Madrid to present their projects. If on Wednesday Pere Aragonès insisted on holding an independence referendum to solve the Catalan problem, this Thursday Salvador Illa assured that “there will not be” such a vote because “Catalan society is fed up with divisions”, but too a suggested the way of reforming the Statute as a possible way out.

The head of the opposition in Catalonia has delivered a conference in Madrid that was scheduled for November 22, but had to be postponed due to the holding of the parliamentary debate on the budgets of the Generalitat. Coincidentally, the new date coincides with the day after the Aragonès conference at the Club Siglo XXI, so Illa’s words have been read as a response to the ‘president’.

“I do not come here to warn of anything or to demand”, the socialist leader has said to start distancing himself from Aragonès. During her speech at the New Economy Forum, Illa wanted to make it clear that “in Catalonia there will be neither a self-determination referendum nor an amnesty”. “I speak on behalf of the first group in Parliament and as the winner of the elections,” he added.

The three axes of the PSC

But it has also begun to answer a question that the independence movement insistently asks: what is the non-independence proposal for Catalonia. Illa has stated that the PSC will defend, also at the dialogue table between governments, a project based on three concepts: “The generation of prosperity, fair financing and improvement of self-government”.

And on this last point, he has insinuated that a way out of the Catalan conflict could be the reform of the Statute. “Sometime It will be necessary to correct the anomaly that the current Statute is not the one that was approved by the citizens. If that happened in Extremadura or Andalusia, everyone would see clearly that it has to be corrected,” he said exactly, referring to the ruling of the Constitutional Court that laminated the text that the Catalans voted for.

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Illa has framed this proposal in the need to “strengthen the links between Catalonia and the rest of Spain”, which is addressed from Catalonia “from the affirmation of its identity”. “The PSC is the product of an effort of harmonyto avoid divisions. I see that this is gaining ground, at the moment we are not doing badly,” he also said.

The intervention of the leader of the PSC, whose conference has been followed by several ministers and the senior staff of his party, It was presented by the first vice-president of the Government, Nadia Calviño.

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