If the electricity counter-reform is approved, Mexico will require additional investments to generate energy, warns CCE

If the Executive’s electricity counter-reform is approved, Mexico will require additional public investments —of at least— 2,000 million dollars annually to generate electric power and with this, it allows to increase a percentage point of the Gross domestic product National (GDP), warned the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar Lomelin.

He mentioned that so far the need for electricity demand in the country has not been reflected, because Mexico has not grown and “is smaller compared to 2018”.

However, if the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador it intends to sustain the investment of what the country needs going forward, “we are going to see the need for an impressive amount of investment,” warned the business leader.

At a press conference on the end of the year 2021 and its prospects for the future, Salazar Lomelín said that the business sector will not “get hooked” on the political discussion on energy “to recover what was ours”, alluding to the said that the electricity sector is no longer owned by Mexicans.

According to CCE estimates, if Mexico seeks to grow and increase one percentage point of its STARTIt will require two gigawatts, equivalent to 2 billion dollars.

“The calculations are that for every giga (watt) of capacity increase a trillion dollars (1,000 million dollars) is required and it is said that each point of growth in GDP, if we were growing, would need 2 additional gigabytes, that is each point of GDP requires $ 2 trillion of investment in electricity generation“, He said.

The problem we face, “we already have today, is that we have not invested, if Mexico begins to grow, why have we not felt the great lack of electricity? Because we haven’t grown ”.


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