If Putin doesn’t back down, what do we do?

Economic sanctions, shipment of arms, boycott campaigns…

It’s all very beautiful.

But if that’s not enough? If these measures, far from forcing Putin to curb his expansionist aims, as we hope, on the contrary throw logs in his hearth?

Excite his anger?

And give him the desire to go further and hit harder?

What will we do ?

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A war is just when the two belligerents share the same values.

Respect the same limits.

And agree on “what is done” and “what is not done”.

(That’s why there are “rules” in a war, weird as that may sound.)

But what happens when one of the two combatants has no qualms about killing civilians, razing entire cities or using nuclear weapons – as, it is important to remember, the Americans do not didn’t hesitate to do it, and twice rather than once, against civilian populations in Japan? Currently, nothing proves to us that Vladimir Poutine is reasonable and that he has all his head.

His “pseudo attempts at negotiations” are perhaps only a smokescreen intended to buy time and convince the West that the Russian regime (that is to say him) is doing everything to avoid the worst.

So, what will we do if the beast, far from calming down, continues to roar?

How far are we willing to go? I hope that the leaders of Western countries have asked themselves this question before sending arms to Ukraine. Because that is THE question.

With a capital L and a capital A.

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Do you remember the end of the movie Apocalypse Now ? Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) remembers the time when he and his soldiers entered a Vietnamese village and vaccinated dozens of children against polio. A few minutes later, the Vietcong entered the same village and cut off the arms of all the children the Americans had vaccinated… “I went back to the village and saw a pile of arms. A mountain of small arms. And that’s when I knew they were going to win the war… Because they were able to do that. Because they had the strength to do that, without bothering with morality, with judgment…” The Americans defeated the Japanese army, because they had no qualms about using atomic bombs to kill 200,000 civilians , like that, suddenly, bam! Contrary to what we are told in the movies, it was not Private Ryan who put an end to the Second World War, it was Fat Man and Little Boy, the two bombs that US troops dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is war. It is not the best who wins, the most honourable, the most respectable. He is the one who is ready to go the furthest.

What if Putin is willing to go to great lengths to save face? If he has no qualms about sending short-range nuclear missiles against Ukraine?

What will we do ?

Will we put Ukrainian flags on our Facebook page?


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