By Lucie Soullier, Gilles Rof, Benjamin Keltz and Philippe Gagnebet

Posted today at 09:31, updated at 10:06

They are convinced or “Well obliged”, but here they are vaccinated. They did so without asking any questions or by stifling their fears during the injection. Through “Citizenship” or “Solidarity”, for collective immunity or to travel, work, go to the stadium or to the restaurant, to avoid yet another test deep in the nose… Like some 55% of French people, they received their first dose of vaccine – 43% have completed their vaccination , according to SPF – and have as many reasons for doing so as there are QR codes to present. Friday July 16, a vaccination record was even reached with nearly 880,000 injections in twenty-four hours.

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By checking his in front of the closed Champs-Elysées, Jean-Paul does not hide his annoyance. “And I remain polite. “ Access to the July 14 military parade was subject to the health pass, and the retiree had “All papers”. Hear, his second dose inoculated for several months already. But the gauge reduced to 10,000 people to access the festivities, he did not expect. So he waits there, stuck “Like a fool” by the police roadblock. Came from Cannes with his wife “Just for that”, he will not enter. Will not see troops or tanks. Even less Emmanuel Macron alongside his army chief of staff. So Jean-Paul takes the time to explain what he thinks of those who do not get vaccinated. “A national betrayal” for this septuagenarian, who makes ” the war “ to his own nephews refusing the injection without any “Reasonable reason” to his eyes. “I am very angry, we risk a confinement because of them. There is a civic and collective effort to be made. ”

Avenue de Friedland in Paris, July 14.  Michaël and Valérie Zwertvaegher respectively 50 and 51 years old, he is a teacher and she works as a psychologist, attend the parade.  “Unlike other countries in the world, we are fortunate to be able to get vaccinated for free and quickly.  If everyone isn't playing the game, it won't work.

Well covered under their rain capes, umbrellas and double doses of vaccines, Michaël and Valérie Zwertvaegher raise their eyes to the passage of the planes of the Patrouille de France. They also cannot understand that the anti make so much noise. One is masked, the other is not. But both are “Vaccinated from the first hour” and hope not to have done it for nothing. “If everyone doesn’t get started, it’s no use. “ So the two Dunkirk people passing through Paris admit to having been relieved after Emmanuel Macron’s speech announcing the expansion of the health pass. Or rather, seeing the number of immunization appointments soar – more than three million since the speech. It’s not against “Them”, the unvaccinated, but the psychologist and the teacher would just like “Get out of it all”. Avoid new closures, a new variant … “And not to relive the same terrible year over and over again. ”

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