If elected, Erin O’Toole commits for 4 years, but not to have a joint cabinet

If a minority government is elected on Monday, the Conservative leader Erin O’Toole again promises not to call an election before the end of this term. On the other hand, he was not ready on Saturday to commit to forming a joint cabinet between men and women.

A Conservative minority government or a Liberal minority government, Leader O’Toole will not call or call a snap election until the end of his normal four-year term.

He confirmed it on Saturday morning, on the lush grass of a campaign office of one of his candidates in Dundas, Ont.

“We must have a government that is totally focused on the health of Canadians and Quebeckers and the well-being of our economy.”

We shouldn’t even be in an election now, only two years after the last visit to the polling station, he hammered, blaming the Liberal leader Justin trudeau for this “pandemic”, “unnecessary” and “costly” election which will leave Canadians with a bill of $ 600 million.

I never would have done that, he exclaimed.

And women ?

If he becomes prime minister on Monday, will his cabinet have as many female ministers as men? He was not ready to make that commitment.

“We will see the results on Monday,” he replied.

“But I would like to form an experienced firm, and ready for the challenges, with more women”.

Presenting “his new Conservative Party” as being more inclusive and diverse, he prided himself on having the most women in his party’s history.

Not missing one, he also took the opportunity to criticize Justin Trudeau who had announced with great fanfare his joint cabinet when he was first elected in 2015. He used it as a “symbol”, a- he denounced, without demonstrating it with his actions. Rather, he took a “paternalistic” and disrespectful approach to women, which led to ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott stepping down from ministerial positions during the previous term.

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