ICC and IFT aim to strengthen competition in telecommunications

After demanding high cost, low quality and little variety in telecommunications services in Mexico, the Chamber of International Trade (ICC) Mexico Chapter has a co-operation agreement with the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) which makes it possible to work together in strengthening the regulatory framework, its allocations, and strengthening economic competition in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

The international organization emphasized that the work of the government in economic competition It has a direct impact on the pockets of Mexicans, both in services that are in great demand in light of the isolation forced by the pandemic, and it must be of quality and at competitive prices.

The president of the ICC MexicoClaus Von Wobeser said that the IFT This requires great rigor in the technical analysis that justifies competition problems, as the cost of lack of competition is high prices, low quality, little variety, lack of innovation, privileges for a few and small and inefficient markets.

Therefore, the ICC Mexico and the IFTthrough the co-operation agreement seeks to promote actions to undertake research, education and training, which promote knowledge and various activities in terms of competition in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in our country.

By means of a statement, the ICC reported that the agreement was signed by the President Commissioner of the IFTAdolfo Cuevas Teja, who establishes the general bases of coordination between the two institutions for the use of their human, material and financial resources that influence economic competition in telecommunications and broadcasting, to the benefit of Mexican citizens and companies.

Cuevas Teja noted that the growing and accelerating technological advances, coupled with the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, are forcing the institutions developed in the competency sector of the broadcast and the telecommunications to design new collaborative strategies to promote development in environments of effective competition and with skilled staff, with opportunities for training and professional updating in the field.

For this reason, sessions, forums, conferences, diploma courses, seminars, symposia, workshops and courses on economic competition in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors will be presented.



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