Iberian Press is taking care of itself as first spanish communication group in the ranking Comscore of News & Information, with a total of 27.8 million unique visitors. The following in this classification are Grupo Prisa (27.6 million), Grupo Godó (25.4 million), elmundo.es sites (24.8 million) and Henneo (21.5 million).

Three out of four selected readers in the news one of the Information press and entertainment markets of Iberian Press, a group that last year raised a 2% digital audience.

Four of his cabats are in the top 15 of the most consulted diaries in the category Newspapers: ElPeriodico.com, La Nueva España, Faro de Vigo e Information. Destacan the crimes in audience of El Periódico, which in its month a 17% has the 14.2 million unique visitors, and of Faro de Vigo, which creates a 16% hasta sitar in los 6 millones. La Nueva España sum, in the year of the year, 9.6 million unique visitors, and Information, 6 million.

Iberica Press, speaker of regional and local information, updated in the 25 periodicals and various magazines. Following the Comscore data published today, destacan también los registros de Diary of Ibiza, which creates a 32% intermensual comparison (900,000 unique visitors); Mediterranean, which is about 26% (1.9 million); The Opinion of Málaga, which has increased its audience by 16% (1.5 million), and the sports deportation Sport, which surpasses the tens of millions of unique visitors by increasing by 10%.

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The audience of the Periodical of Spain, which took my pass in the Comscore medicines, increased by 4% and surpassed the one million visitors.

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In the category of reviews, cabe subtraction of Woman’s behavior, which creates a 36% and raises the 1.7 million unique visitors.


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