Iberdrola presents a battle: personalized plans for households, with the same price for five years

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The tall ones light prices They are an issue that occupies and worries millions of consumers every day for two months. Because, Iberdrola presents a battle and launches its battery of proposals so that households stop being aware of the daily electricity market.

“They are plans that offer stable prices and guaranteed for five years“, points to Invertia Alfonso Calderón, commercial director of Iberdrola in Spain. “With the situation we are experiencing, with the social drama, we want to talk about our plans so that consumers stop worrying about what happens every hour in the pool“.

Its objective is to make it known that they are personalized plans to avoid price volatility and generate peace of mind, which It is aimed at consumers in both the free and regulated markets (less than 10 kW of power) and that the supply would always be eenergy 100% verde.

“Depending on the profiles we build an offer that adapts to each of them, without commitment of permanence and counting, in addition, with monitoring and personalized advice “, he adds.

Liberalized market

Iberdrola has almost 7 million fixed price customers. Of this number, more than 6 million are households with ‘plans tailored to you’ – smart solutions that Iberdrola offers to a customer who wants to choose how and when to consume electricity, adapted to their lifestyle and oblivious to the volatility of electricity prices in the markets.

“Almost 90% of those who have contracted any of these plans have chosen to have the same price on their electricity bill for five years, but they always have the option of changing the rate or company”.

These proposals, he acknowledges, are not new. “We have been offering these personalized plans for several years,” but now they will not carry the same prices as, for example, a year or more ago.

“We have to buy electricity in the electricity market, like any commercialization company”, and the current situation, with a runaway price of gas and CO2, “is clearly influencing the offers.”

Still, they assure that “We have rates in the liberalized market that are up to 250 euros / year cheaper than what the regulated rate will suppose in 2021, with prices around 140 euros / MWh”, concludes.

Fixed price plans

Iberdrola has different plans adapted to consumer habits, such as the Plan for first homes, with a rate ‘Choose 8 hours’, ‘Stable Plan’ and ‘Night Plan’. Also another for second homes, with two options, Summer or Winter; for customers with ‘Smart’ products, with their ‘Electric Vehicle Plan’ and their ‘Solar Plan’; and another for business, with the ‘Commerce Plan’ and the ‘Restoration Plan’.

These plans – except for the ‘Stable Plan’, in which the price is the same throughout the day – offer two prices: a normal one and a promoted one for the customer’s peak hours, depending on their habit.


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